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Thanks for choosing Yodha! We've listened to your feedback and released a new version. It includes design and performance improvements. Enjoying the app? Spread the love with a review!

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Erfahrungen mit Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha?

Im Moment gibt es 741 Bewertungen von Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha, die durchschnittliche Bewertung Punktzahl ist 4.81

  • My astrologers 😍

    Von Bo4422
    I have been using Yodha for quite a long time now, maybe 2,3 years. I am an enthusiast about Jyotish astrology but unfortunately it is quite difficult to access it here, in Europe. Sometimes I would have liked to ask the astrologer a specific question about the timing of solving a problem or organising an event and until I found Yodha this was completely unavailable to me. Since I work with the astrologers on Yodha, this became very easy for me and really fast. I found their readings incredible accurate and I use their guidance on a regular basis.
  • Amazing

    Von Franzi0504
  • Very interesting analys

    Von audria.ezekil
    Thank you for your time and energy to compare the horoscopes. you got great results and helped me with that.
  • Great and detailed

    Von kiwimissy
    Surprised how much they can read about your life!! Very positive
  • Unbelievable good

    Von c100mark
    I am impressed about the detailed analysis of my horoscope! Please keep up the great work!
  • Nice

    Von Adaugo 1
  • 🌏

    Von Rocheska
  • Very helpful

    Von ann clue
    I tried it out for fun and out of curiosity. I like the way the Vedic astrology supports every situation you are in. It’s like you can ask a wise man for a hint for your life. I really like it and it’s very personal. Not a random horoscope- it feels very close to me.
  • MKJ6

    Von MKJ6
    Was a great reading
  • Very good and professional App

    Von VirgoScorpio
    I enjoyed it very much
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