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  • Kategorie: Book
  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2016-09-03
  • Aktuelle Version: 4.3
  • Bewertung für Erwachsene: 17+
  • Dateigröße: 59.06 MB
  • Entwickler: Complex Developments
  • Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 13.0 oder später.
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  • Download to files

    Von kitsunesensei3
    Would be great if the user could choose to download images to files instead of the photo gallery. Besides that, works fine.
  • Content removal destroyed the app

    Von SlekkiSenpai
    I used to love Sankaku, but there are definitly a lot of uncensored alternatives. The censoring made it useless for me, and the website crashes every 5 minutes on my phone. Sad.
  • Don’t bother anymore

    Von d-rev
    App is hardcoded to only show SFW material. At least gelbooru supports webms in the iOS browsers so go there instead
  • fail

    Von Tkssjdj
    last update kinda removed all 15+ searches
  • Bug?

    Von explodingdonut
    I can't save my settings. Please fix it. :) Otherwise, great App!
  • Yup, finally an App we need...

    Von Juan Descole
    but please: add a lock (Touch ID and/ or password) let us remove the adds, even if we have to pay like half million for it (even Anime Boxes had this, the App this one is based on)
  • Nice so far, but could be better

    Von SotaSystems
    This App is great and all, but it still brings some bugs, which I have ALL reported and they still persist in updated versions. The interface is much like Anime boxes (they probably use the same engine), and I really like to use anime boxes almost DAILY for other danbooru-based imageboards. Sankaku is one of my most favourite, if not my most favourite imageboard for the content it has, although I have to admit, Danbooru does a better job software and user-service wise. Now, the reason I pretty much don't (or rarely) use the Sankaku App is that it's a shame that ads are placed right into your images and searches and chops a great portion of viewing area off. On top of all that, you can't browse for longer periods of time, because at one point the server will shut you out for some time and you have to slow down, even if you aren't doing anything there at (IMO) appropriate speeds. It just makes the experience no fun at all when you are e.g. chilling in your couch or in your bed. There is no option to pay for an ad-free version either, that would probably make me use the app more often. Every time an update is pushed, I always hope they added an option to purchase an no-ads option, but unfortunately to no avail so far. And to be honest, I would actually really be happy to pay for an feature like that, even more, I would pay for Sankaku themselves! Danbooru does the same, and I have also happily paid for it, because they are worth the money. PS: If anyone from the Sankaku staff is reading this: Please really consider having an option for "premium" payment, similar to what danbooru is doing. It will make users life and yours easier, and I am pretty sure people wouldn't mind paying for a great service.
  • Good start!

    Von Incrazyboyy
    But we NEED a code lock and a inApp purchase to remove the ads!
  • Top

    Von Der-Eddy
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Entwickler Complex Developments
Entwickler ID 1139689971
Aktuelle Version 4.3
Kompatibilität Erfordert iOS
Kategorie Book
Aktuelle Version 2022-07-23T07:40:53Z

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